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Institute of Universal Languages & Education (IULE)

To our amazing students and valued corporate clients, your dedication has been the cornerstone of our 14 years of success. Thank you for being part of our journey!

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Best Foreign Language Institute in Bangalore, India

IULE is the No #1 Foreign Language Institute with Native Trainers for Foreign Languages, Native Foreign Language Translators and Interpretation experts.

No.1 Foreign Language Trainers, Translators & Interpreters

Institute of Universal Languages & Education (IULE) is the leading Foreign Language Service Provider in Bangalore, India, since 2010. IULE offers Foreign Language Training Programs, Foreign Language Translation Services, Foreign Language Interpretation Services, and Specialist Foreign Language Staffing Solutions. Our Training programs are custom designed to meet your specific needs and budget. We cater to all language services required for Corporate Companies, Small Organizations as well as Individuals. We ensure all courses are put up as per CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) structure. We are one of the first ISO 9001:2015 certified Foreign Language Institutes in Bangalore.

Dedicated Team of Professionals

As a leading language service provider in Bangalore, we have a dedicated team of language professionals covering more than 20 world languages. IULE is the complete solution for all the foreign language related requirements. We have always adopted innovative ways for continuous improvement to provide you the latest and most adept services in translation, interpretation, and staffing. We have managed to reach the pinnacle in foreign language services and we promise to never tread down.

Top Foreign Language Training Programs

No.1 Foreign Language Institute in Bangalore

We are the No.1 Foreign Language Institute in Bangalore for Quality Training. We are renowned for quality as well as affordability and effectiveness of the Language Training Programs we offer. We are among one of the few foreign language institutes providing training in more than 20 foreign languages.

State-of-the-Art Classroom Environment

Our classrooms are well equipped and conducive for efficient learning. Our curriculum for foreign language courses is holistic and well structured ensuring successful learning of the language from all facets. The foreign language course structure at IULE prepares you to read, write and speak fluently. Most of our classroom sessions are interactive and emphasize to get you industry ready. The instructors are from diverse backgrounds, well equipped with the language and experienced in conducting foreign language training programs.

Adherence to International Standards

We as a foreign language school are considerate of international standards and offer basic and advanced foreign language training programs as per your requirement. A corporate team preparing for a new project, a bunch of students for competitive exams or an individual intending to work or settle abroad, we step ready to undertake all kinds of foreign language training.

World Class Foreign Language Translation Services

Leading Translation Services Provider

IULE is the best Translation Services Provider in Bangalore. Our partnership with most of the top MNCs like BOSCH, Accenture, Infosys, etc., and Government Agencies like Bharath Electronics(BEL), Indian Oil (IOC), etc. speak of our successful and consistent accomplishment of translation projects. (Visit our Clientele page for a comprehensive list). Translation of different types of documents in different languages is prompt and proficient with IULE foreign language translation service.

Comprehensive Translation and Localization Services

We provide foreign language translation and localization services at competitive prices. Our Foreign Language Translation Services are designed to deliver quality, efficiently within timelines and with utmost confidentiality. A large library with latest dictionaries and dedicated manpower for foreign language translation services ensure quality work in time. We have two levels of check and our native and certified translation experts finally approve after ensuring total accuracy. Our team is cognizant of stringent confidentiality and privacy policies.

The Best Foreign Language Interpretation Services

Top Interpretation Service Provider

We are one of the top Foreign Language Interpretation Service Providers in Bangalore. Our interpreters have certified linguistics and carefully hired after a firm screening process. They qualify to be in our interpretation team based on their language skills, spontaneity, fluency, subject matter knowledge, and their competence to handle conversations professionally.

Accurate and Professional Interpretation

Our expert linguistic team interprets speech accurately without tampering with the meaning and spirit of the message. Subject knowledge and familiarity with the jargons used in different business fields and industries give our interpreters an added advantage that works towards the client’s benefit. Consecutive or simultaneous, on-site or off-site, our certified interpreters with their excellent linguistic and interpersonal proficiency facilitate ease of interaction between the two parties. We are trusted by industries across different sectors both private and government. Our foreign language interpretation services are customized for each client maintaining language consistency, accuracy, and confidentiality.

Excellent Foreign Language Staffing Solutions

Leading Provider of Foreign Language Staffing

IULE is one of the most dominant players in specialist Foreign Language Staffing services in Bangalore and all over India.

Recruitment of Multilingual Talent

Finding smart, experienced multilingual candidates that fit into your organizational culture is challenging. But, we take this up and bring to you a large pool of talented multilingual individuals, skilled for various sectors and industries to choose from. We meet your hiring needs across all levels with the best-qualified professionals. Our candidates are skilled, well-versed with multiple languages, respect the ethnicity of the language, and are a perfect fit for your organization’s culture.

Expertise in 20+ Major World Languages

Extensive Language Expertise

At IULE, we have expertise in more than 20 major languages spoken across the world. Indo-European languages such as English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Norwegian, Greek are gaining major importance with the establishment of various multinational companies across the globe.

Importance of Asian Languages

Asia has strong economies like Japan or countries of strategic importance like Turkey. Asian countries are also home to a lot of multinational companies for their low-cost production and service. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Malay, Indonesian, Turkish are getting wider acceptance throughout the world.

Commitment to Custom Language Needs

As the No. 1 Foreign Language Service Provider in Bangalore, India, we have the best unmatched resources for catering to your foreign language requirements. Since 2010, we are the best and most affordable Foreign Language Services in Bangalore, India and we are in the process of extending our world-class foreign language services to other major Indian cities like Chennai, Pune, Kochi, etc.

Easy Access to Learning a New Language

We are always eager to help you with your custom language needs. Learning a new language is just a call or mail away.

We offer 20+ Foreign Languages


French language

Online / In-house


German language​

Online / In-house


Spanish language

Online / In-house


Italian language

Online / In-house


Portuguese language

Online / In-house


Greek language

Online / In-house


Dutch language

Online / In-house


Chinese language

Online / In-house


Japanese language

Online / In-house


Korean language

Online / In-house


Russian language

Online / In-house​


Arabic language

Online / In-house


Malay language

Online / In-house


Indonesian language

Online / In-house


Romanian language

Online / In-house


Swedish language

Online / In-house


Danish language

Online / In-house


Polish language

Online / In-house


Turkish language

Online / In-house


Norwegian language

Online / In-house

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