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Planning to settle in a new country or being sent onsite for your project, traveling for fun or business, or have foreign customers and stakeholders to cater to, knowing the foreign language always gives you a more warm welcome and an amazingly unforgettable experience. We help you learn that language in the time frame you have in hand. IULE, Institute of Universal Languages & Education, is the best Foreign Language Training Institute in Bangalore, India. It ranks on top in Foreign Language Services especially on-site or classroom foreign language training programs, for its high quality and affordability in terms of cost and time.

Our aim is to provide the best foreign language training and our success can be measured with the effective training programs and fluent speaking individuals we produce. IULE offers No. 1, Foreign Language Training classes in the city. We provide Foreign Language Training classes for 20+ major languages spoken across the world such as English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Norwegian, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Malay, Indonesian, Turkish etc.

IULE offers Institutional and In-house foreign language training programs. Individuals can benefit and learn multiple languages through our institutional foreign language training conducted at the institute’s premises. The language training courses are designed to meet the individual’s requirements. The batch strength is usually limited between four to eight. The batch size is small so as to give personal attention to each student and to match the timings as per your convenience. Our language trainers put in their efforts individually on each student and accelerate their growth accordingly. Our classroom training is interactive and dynamic to keep the students interested and engaged and learn faster.

The institute is equipped with all the facilities needed for a foreign language training program, adding value to your learning. Our trainers are language experts and can be approached anytime during the open hours. We also provide individual classes on request. Our main focus is to develop the fluency of the foreign language in the speaker. However, we lay equal stress on the lifestyle, body language, formal and informal etiquettes followed in the foreign nation. Language and professional mannerism give you a cutting edge over others. Whether a beginner or master level, our assessments ensure you are adept in the level you are training in.

Our expertise lies in training corporate and individuals in multiple languages, regional or foreign. Language programs are is designed as per your specific requirements. The foreign language training modules are designed basis CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) levels. It is important to adhere to CEFR standards to test and measure the level of proficiency on a scale of A1 for beginners to A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 for masters of the language. IULE ensures quality training through continuous improvement in its infrastructure and program structure to meet international standards.

We support you on your needs for bilingual or multilingual employees through our training and staffing services. We have a huge pool of multi-language speaking candidates that can fit well in the required job role and into the organization’s culture. Establishing your business in a new country and wish your employees to communicate with foreign partners and customers in that language for localization influence. Yes, they can now with our foreign language training classes. Our in-house foreign language training is designed and developed particularly for your employees considering your company’s goals and culture. You may pick candidates from our large pool of bilingual and multilingual candidates.

You wish or have the need to learn more languages but do not have much time to invest. IULE has a solution – We deliver in-house foreign language training at your convenience. This saves not only your extra time of travel but the lessons are scheduled as per your availability. IULE has a proper assessment mechanism to ensure you are properly affluent with the language. The institute regularly trains its language trainers to keep them up to date on the latest vocabulary and lifestyle changes. We conduct research on a large scale to keep us abreast of the changes and to make improvements in our curriculum, teaching patterns and infrastructure to keep on top of the foreign language institutes.

Our trainers are well versed with the language, culture, etiquette, and dynamics of the language and script. Every student is different and so is his learning graph. Our language trainers are trained not only in the language skills but also to understand the grasping power of the student and accordingly deliver the concept. This allows you to connect with the language of your choice and speak fluently. We structure our training programs to match your learning goals. Just some business jargons or an ace in the language, we tweak the training class design and schedules to meet your custom requirements. We do not stop till you learn and achieve your language learning goal.

We flaunt our fluent language speakers – the products of our language institute. If that is not convincing enough, we are always happy to provide a free demo session for your chosen Foreign Language to build your confidence in our training programs before you join for any of our Foreign Language classroom Training programs. We also provide online learning tutorials and e-learning programs for candidates to learn at their most convenient time and location.

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