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IULE is the No. 1 Foreign Language Interpretation Service Provider in Bangalore, India, since the inception of our dedicated Foreign Language Interpretation Team. We have proficient interpretation experts with in-depth knowledge of the language, subject, and culture. Interpretation is crucial, especially spontaneous interpretation, where the interpreter gets just a moment to listen and translate from one language to another without any slip-ups. Our dedicated support manager understands your interpretation needs and accordingly plans and executes the service.

Types of Interpretation Services Offered

Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation Services

IULE offers both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services in various Indian and international languages. We engage with you to cater to your personal and customized language interpretation needs. We assure you that our interpreters are never at any loss of words. Our interpretation team is equipped with:

  • Language skills
  • Industry-specific jargon
  • Knowledge of foreign cultures and traditions

This gives our interpretation services a cutting-edge advantage over others. We have a mix of native and Indian interpreters catering to all kinds of interpretation services, whether for recordings, over the phone, in meetings, seminars, or conferences.

Infrastructure for Quality Interpretation

Our infrastructure for uninterrupted telephonic conversation and volume control helps us maintain the interpretation quality for over-the-phone interpretation services.

Quality Assurance and Confidentiality

We ensure to meet your interpretation needs to your satisfaction and content. Our dedicated Quality Assurance team is customer-driven and devoted to mutual benefits and continuous improvement to meet your standards. Rest assured, all our interpreters ensure that basic security and confidentiality are maintained at all levels.

Overcoming Language Barriers

IULE clears all language barriers through its foreign language services. We provide telephonic, onsite, and simultaneous interpretation services in over 20 languages. Interpretation is a crucial requirement where interpreters need to be extra careful with words. Since interpretation can be a live requirement, the job is even tougher and leaves no room for error. Our interpreters are highly skilled and familiar with the code of behavior and ethics of different countries and their languages.

High-Engagement Model

We believe in a high-engagement model by understanding your business and its purpose to offer localized services. IULE’s high-quality national and foreign interpretation services empower you to communicate and collaborate with your foreign nationals, stakeholders, and customers.

Understanding Your Business

Understanding your business and interpretation intentions helps us to deliver interpretation services that benefit you by assigning your project to the interpreter who is an expert in your required languages and knowledgeable in your specific field of business.

Complexity of Interpretation

Interpretation is a complex task because it not only requires the interpreter to know the exact words but also needs them to emote the original speaker’s feelings and tones. Interpretation can be:

  • Simultaneous (conferences, seminars, etc.)
  • Consecutive (depositions or meetings)

There is no allowance for error or editing in interpretation. With advanced techniques today, interpretation modalities can extend to onsite, telephonic, video, media, etc.

Choosing the Right Interpreters

Interpretation can build or split relationships. Hence, the interpreters should be chosen very carefully. They should be professional, well-trained in the language, and have excellent interpersonal skills and subject knowledge. Interpreters at IULE are selected through a stringent screening and interviewing process, taking into consideration their:

  • Qualification
  • Language proficiency
  • Vocabulary
  • Speech delivery
  • Body language
  • Professionalism

Training and Development

Regular training and development of our interpreters enable our growth and help us achieve enriched results for your success. Our interpreters are dedicated and have delivered consistent performance, making us one of the most desired interpretation service providers.

Native Interpreters

Native interpreters are preferred because they deliver interpretation services beyond expectations. The general thought is that communication is best interpreted if the interpreters speak their mother tongue or native language. This allows them to connect better with the delegates involved in the meeting and make the best of it for both parties.

Importance of International Communication

It is inevitable to stay aloof and not interact with different countries in this connected world. Whether for political or business requirements, relationships can be built only with the right communication and approachable gestures. For bridging the communication gap and building strong relations among nations and their people, IULE offers the best of foreign language services.

Comprehensive Language Services

We offer best-in-class foreign language training programs, translation, interpretation, and hiring services. Any language need, IULE will always be there at your service with the highest quality linguistics and a promise to deliver the best for you.

Differentiating Interpretation and Translation

Interpretation and translation are often confused to be similar because they both translate conversations from one language to another. However, there are major differences in their qualifications and skills. We understand our client’s requirements and subsequently recommend whether interpretation or translation service is required and support them with the same.

Performance Tracking and Improvement

We track our performance for every interpretation service delivered and work towards improving and making it better. Interpreters need to be skilled and well-trained to converse on impulse without making any errors or mistakes. The interpreters have to be dependable and steadfast to deliver the right information and message in the right tone and intent.

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