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Russia is the largest country in the world in size. The capital Moscow is its largest city. Russia is one of the strongest economies of the world allowing you to explore its expanding market. It ranks twelfth basis their GDP and sixth by purchasing power parity. Russia is a powerful nation being one among the five states known for nuclear weapons. Russia has enormous energy and mineral reserves, attracting investors and businesses from around the world to work in a high performing environment.

Russian is among the top 10 languages in the world. It is one of the official languages of the United Nations and the second most popular language on the internet. Learning Russian is in all respects beneficial from exploring as a tourist at a lower taxi ride cost, a student or as an expat.

Russian Language Training in Bangalore

IULE provides an interactive Russian language training programme for improving listening and speaking skills. We have a wide range of Russian courses covering from basics to the development of speaking, writing, reading to the immersion into Russian culture, art, and history. There is a special focus on situational training and regular assessments to understand the level of the learner and change the focus and learning strategy accordingly. Russian training courses are tailor designed to meet your specific goals of learning the language.

Russian Language Translation Service in Bangalore

Our Russian translators establish clear and effective translated content material. We deliver your ideas and services in your required language to the understanding of your clients yielding successful results. We provide quality Russian translations for all types of documents – legal, medical, academics, technical, business contracts etc., We are dedicated to delivering the translated content as per your expectations within the timeline to or from Russian to 20 other world languages

Staffing Solutions for Russian speaking Professionals

Russia offers lucrative business and job opportunities in various sectors. Speaking in Russian increases your chance of finding a job. Job openings are also listed in Russian and there are hardly any in English. If you speak Russian and are looking to settle in Moscow, St.Petersburg or any other city, we may assist you to find your job. Corporate looking for Russian speaking professionals can end their search here. With our pool of Russian speaking candidates and our dedicated hiring staff, we meet your hiring needs with the best match. Talented and skilled, these Russian speaking candidates once selected and employed will ensure smooth running of your operations in Russia and add value to your overall business.

Russian Language Interpretation Service in Bangalore

High-quality interpreters help serve our clients requiring seamless communication across languages and culture. Russia is one of the most powerful nations has political and business presence and our Russian interpreters are trained and qualified to cater to crucial events and situations. We guarantee the delivery of accurate and reliable Russian interpretation services. Our Russian interpreters are certified with years of experience in this field and have concluded several successful interpretations. Their deep understanding of the Russian culture, language and business ethics allows them to consider the tiniest of details while conversing with the Russian counterparts.

A few words about the great Russian Language

Russian is the official language of the Russian Federation and is also spoken in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and other parts of the former USSR. It is spoken by almost 140 million people. 10% of Russian words are similar to English and also have words borrowed from French, Italian, and German. It is commonly spoken in Eurasia and also one of the largest native languages in Europe. The seventh most spoken language in the world, Russian is also one of the official languages of the United Nations.

Russian is tricky over its pronunciation and grammar but it is not so very difficult to learn the language. The sentence order is predictable though one needs to understand the right placement of stress in the sentence. Learning Russian can help you understand Ukrainian/Belarussian and speak any Slavic language like Polish, Slovak, and Czech. Novgorod Codex is considered to be the first Russian book dating back to the 11th century, containing psalms and religious texts. Mikhail Lomonosov compiled the first grammar book. It was in the Middle Ages that the roots of Russian literature were sown. Dead Souls by Gogol, Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky, Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace, Anna Karenina, Petersburg by Bely, Zamyatin’s We, Vladimir’s The Gift, Oman RA by Pelevin are to name a few Russian authors loved across boundaries, generations, and genus.

Knowing a new language is to gain access to a world of opportunities. With Russia’s prominent presence in academics and business, you can avail the best of opportunity. There is a different joy in learning Russian and exploring its culture. Russian cultural heritage and literature are a passion for many and learning the language can give one a different intensity to enjoy its culture. Natural resources have always interested foreign partners while Russians are also willing to explore foreign markets. Hence, knowing the Russian language is a must in case you are planning to establish business relations. Russia is an exotic tourist location with magnificent beaches and wildlife places. Speaking Russian can make your travel even more exciting and memorable.

Reasons to learn can be many but what matters more is the right learning and use of language. We at IULE make sure you learn it flawlessly with fun and native qualified Russian lecturers. Russia is a powerful economy and attracts foreigners for different reasons. We contribute our bit by helping you to pursue your interest in Russia with our high-quality Russian translation and Russian interpretation. Connect with us for your Russian language requirements.

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