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Do you have expertise in any of the major foreign languages?

If you are a language expert and are looking for a job opportunity that works in line with your passion for language excellence, then you have landed at the right place. Career at IULE is diverse where we are looking for language specialists with an interest in teaching, translation, interpretation or any other language related work. We offer part-time, full-time and even project based job options.

At IULE, you have a broad exposure to various industries across the globe. We promise you a journey of great learning and exposure enhancing your experience. A fun-filled environment helps us to deliver our work with better efficiency because a satisfied employee gives the best output. Our team consists of professional and confident employees with a friendly and motivated personality.

If you have any affiliation towards knowing different culture, way of life and language, then learning and teaching global languages can be an extraordinary career for you. Such a career fulfils your innate passion along with earning you an income. Your skills, proficiency, clarity and fluency of language would get you the job you desire and help you achieve success. Learning a foreign language can open various job options for you such as Instructor, Translator, De-coder, Interpreter, Translator across different industries major ones being entertainment, travel, hotel, aviation etc.

Some of the qualities IULE desires to have in the applicants are:

  • Must be qualified in the language you wish to teach
  • Must have knowledge of the latest teaching techniques
  • Must be proficient in grammar and should be good at explaining the language and grammar
  • Should be a team player and an effective individual contributor
  • Responsible, punctual, friendly and confident
  • Should be enthusiastic about teaching

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