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Foreign Language Services at the Institute of Universal Languages and Education (IULE) is among the most renowned national and foreign language service providers and takes pride in its wide base of satisfied clientele. Our only focus is customer satisfaction and hence we work towards improving the quality of our processes and deliverables.

Globalization and Localization

Businesses are across boundaries, but to make an impact and flourish in a foreign land, localization is indeed the key. Globalization and Localization have increased the demand for multilingual employees, translators, and interpreters. We provide:

  • Foreign language interpreter
  • Translator services
  • Staffing services

Our foreign language institute also trains your employees and other yearning individuals to read, write, and speak a new language for better career and business prospects.

Foreign Language Training Services

IULE is the only name that strikes when it comes to quality and affordable Foreign Language Training classes in Bangalore, India. Our excellent national and foreign language training programs are based on CEFR standards and customized to meet your specific requirements, making us one of the most dominant players in foreign language training. We offer language study and training programs cleverly designed to equip:

  • Individuals
  • Corporate
  • Students
  • Housewives
  • Working people

We are the No. 1 in Corporate Training for Foreign Languages and the best in providing In-house Training / Classroom training for Foreign Languages in Bangalore.

Our native language trainers not only train the students with language expertise but also acquaint them with formal and informal culture and subject matter knowledge. We ensure you have enough fun while learning and that each session pushes your development further. We encourage our students to speak in the language they are learning to grasp the pronunciation, fluency, and vocabulary.

Foreign Language Translation Services

We are the most credible and reliable name for national and foreign language translation services. Our clientele’s trust and credence in us have encouraged us to provide our customers better service each time. Documents in one’s own language can be more influential and effective, hence taking your business, academic, or personal mission to a new success level.

Being understood in your own language gives a sense of affinity and oneness. We help to bridge this communication gap and deliver your message in more than 20 languages. We provide translation services for all kinds of documents across different sectors. The language expertise and subject matter knowledge are scrutinized while screening and hiring translators. The project is assigned to them based on their capabilities to localize as per the client’s requirements.

We provide customized and high-quality translation at the best market rates. Quality and confidentiality are the two most important aspects of Language Translation and we excel in both to meet the translation purpose and win our client’s trust. IULE delivers the message which is relevant and works for the mutual benefit of you and your client. Be assured of the quality of foreign translation services that we deliver.

Foreign Language Interpretation Services

Interpreters are the spine of inter-language communication. This allows the parties involved to feel at ease and communicate freely. Communication can be in various forms. One major form is conversing in the common language, and we do not want the communication to be hitched because of any language differences. IULE is the leading service provider for language interpretation, simply because of the quality of interpreters we have. Interpreters with:

  • Spontaneity
  • Language expertise
  • Cultural and subject matter knowledge

make national or foreign language interpretation smooth and effective.

We offer consecutive and spontaneous interpretation services both onsite and offsite. Whether it is a conference or conversation over the phone, our interpreters are experienced to handle all types of interpretation demands in more than 20 languages. We also cater to interpretation services required on an immediate or urgent basis. Our qualified and proficient interpreters are always ready to deliver the best quality interpretation services as per your convenience. Our interpreters and their dedicated service make us one of the most sought-after interpretation agencies in Bangalore.

Foreign Language Specialist Staffing Services

Globalization has changed the face of businesses and corporate. It is required to be a global brand and to make yourself available across different countries. But, to effectively operate in these countries, localization is a must. There comes the need for language experts or multilingual employees, which the IULE staffing section supports.

We provide high-quality and specialist Foreign Language Staffing Solutions for any bilingual or multi-lingual hiring requirements. We train, interview, and select the most deserving candidates that will add value to your company’s goals. We ensure that the candidates have an interest in your domain and are a good fit for your organization in terms of skill, capability, and personality.

Advantages of Bilingual or Multilingual Employees

  • They can handle both the regions and countries at a cost lesser than two employees.
  • They are equipped with subject matter knowledge and acquainted with the culture, business ethics, and general lifestyle and sensitivity of both nations and their people, thus suggesting good options and allowing you to make the best decisions for your business.

With globalization, there is a high demand for resources that are able to communicate in more than one language. Such resources are an asset to the organization and we have moved towards helping you build the strongest asset – the people for your organization.

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