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We are one of the best and affordable Instructor-led Online Corporate Training companies providing Foreign Language programs.  IULE Online language training is so effective for corporates and companies since it includes the very same features as our onsite language training – instructor led real-time online training for foreign languages.

Instructor-led online Training for Corporates

Just like It isn’t important how many recordings your language students listen to or the number of vocabularies lists that they memorize if they can not manage their own in discussions with native speakers. Live online training using a seasoned, native-speaker instructor instantly provides your employee with the technical, conversational experience that they should perform their tasks. Writing and emails may also be part of the class if applicable to your staff member.

Tailor-made to company’s or employees specific requirements

Online language training is totally customized to the demands of your fellow member. Together with “off the road” self-paced apps, your employees may waste time studying phrases and vocabulary which they’ll not ever use. IULE’s instruction concentrates on language skills they’ll use daily. We ask your workers about their occupation, their function, their meetings, their demonstrations.

Beyond learning a Language; learning culture too

IULE Online classes do not just teach language abilities. Instructors also offer you valuable cultural advice. In the end, working or living in another culture is not just about understanding what is being said about you. It is also about understanding habits, customs, and etiquette. The relaxation — or distress — your employees feel in a new culture is a huge element in the failure or success of your international relocations.

Personal Attention and Individual Focus

Do not Underestimate the ability of personal connections in online language learning. Though meetings are virtual instead of in-person, your staff member will still benefit tremendously by working with a live instructor that understands their specific goals and requirements, and that cares about their own progress. When you ask most people how they became eloquent, they generally cite having left an excellent friend, and as a consequence of that, they talked the language that is new for hours. That is what we offer — professional terminology consultants that make your employee TRULY fluent.

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Online language training is an exciting alternative for giving your employees the skills they will need to conduct business throughout cultures. Contact us for a free consultation or call to find out more about how your employees can study online with IULE’s seasoned, native-speaker instructors.

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