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English is a West Germanic language and today is the lingua franca for the entire world. Spoken by people of different nationalities, the language is accepted with its diverse accents and pronunciation. Learning English is fun and full of advantages as it is so widely spoken. Being the official language, there is definitely a need for English translation and interpretation services for smoothly executing your business and individual undertakings.

English Language Training in Bangalore

English is the most widely spoken language and is a basic communication requirement almost everywhere. If you want to learn English and are looking for institutes in Bangalore, IULE is the right choice. English training at IULE is customized depending upon your English learning goals. Basics of conversational English are covered so that you can converse with the people around you. Intensive English training programs are designed for vocational training so that you can confidently communicate in meetings and business solutions.

Key Features:

  • Customized Programs: Tailored to individual and corporate needs.
  • Conversational English: Basics to help you converse easily.
  • Intensive Training: For vocational and business communication.
  • Grammar and Sentence Formation: From simple to complex structures.

English Language Translation Service in Bangalore

Translation helps you to remain connected with the entire world by translating news, literature, and other important articles into the language that you understand. We offer translation services of all kinds for different industries. All our English translations deliver English to or from any of 20 global languages professionally with accurate results and on time. The translation team holds experience in various fields and adds more weight to their translation results. We have an entire team of translators and proofreaders to ensure that the document translated to/from English maintains the sanctity of the matter and achieves your related objectives.

Areas of Expertise:

  • News and Literature
  • Business Documents
  • Legal Texts
  • Technical Manuals
  • Website Content

English Language Interpretation Service in Bangalore

English is the official language across the globe and most business transactions are conducted in English. With the high demand for English, there is an exponential need for English interpreters for non-English speakers. Our English Interpreters assist you in communicating with your colleagues, neighbors, or business partners by translating the conversation into English or your language. Our interpreters are experts in their language and the required subject matter and are ready to travel to places at your notice.

Key Features:

  • Expert Interpreters: Skilled in multiple languages.
  • On-Demand Service: Ready to travel as required.
  • Business and Personal: Suitable for all types of interactions.

Staffing Solutions for English-Speaking Professionals

There is a huge demand for English-speaking professionals across the world in different industries and positions. With globalization and the BPO boom, the demand for English speakers has multiplied rigorously. We fulfill your recruitment demands for English-speaking professionals. We are committed to providing you the right people screened as per your required qualifications and skill set.

Key Benefits:

  • Global Demand: High demand in various industries.
  • Screened Candidates: Based on qualifications and skills.
  • Diverse Roles: Suitable for multiple positions and sectors.

A Few Words About the Great English Language

The English language was founded with the invasion of Britain by Germanic tribes. Britain then spoke a Celtic language which was dominated by “Englisc” spoken by the Angles invaders from England. Spoken as the first language by the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland, it is the official language of 60 sovereign states, the European Union, United Nations, Commonwealth countries, and World Organizations. English is the most common language over the world, ranking third as the world native language.

Historical Significance:

  • Origins: Founded with the Germanic tribes’ invasion.
  • Evolution: Influenced by American, French, and African languages.
  • Literary Heritage: Rich tradition with legends like Shakespeare, Milton, and Dickens.

Modern Importance:

  • Global Spread: Spoken by more than 1500 million people.
  • Entertainment Industry: Dominates the entertainment business, especially Hollywood.
  • Official Language: Used in international communication, business, and education.

Learning English at IULE

With English being the most common language across the world, it is taught in schools globally. Many international universities test English vocabulary for admission. A very strong entertainment business – Hollywood is majorly produced in English. Most of the international communication occurs in English across all fields, be it business, social networking, information and research, or entertainment. Speaking English is a clear advantage as it is the dominant language and a must-learn to advance in your career.

Key Services:

  • English Language Training: Custom designed for individuals and corporates.
  • English Translation: Accurate translations for various needs.
  • English Interpretation: Professional services for effective communication.
  • Staffing Solutions: Providing the right English-speaking employees.

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With the ever-growing demand for English speakers across the world, IULE contributes by training candidates to speak English perfectly. We provide comprehensive English language services, ensuring the right conversation even if you cannot speak English through our proficient interpretation services. Connect with us for your English language training, translation, or interpretation requirements.

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