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Greek is one of the oldest Indo European languages planting the foundation for the family of Indo European languages. With strong mythology, influential literature, rich cultural heritage and mesmerizing beautiful islands, Greece have been among the topmost tourist spots in the world. With certain ups and downs, the economic growth in Greece is observed to have accelerated. Tourism is the strongest share in the economy and attracts various job and business opportunities.

Greek Language Training in Bangalore

Greek is the official language of Greece and Cyprus that has rich culture and heritage. Greece is one of the most attractive tourist spots beside Greek companies having a social presence in the world. The ability to communicate in their language will help to understand their culture and connect better with the people. IULE trains one to be able to communicate effectively in Greek during routine tasks or discussions. We initially provide the basics and eventually increase the complexity of the course. The course proceeds to tough vocabulary and complex sentence formation. Greek learning classes are fun with interaction and innovative teaching methods. Native Greek trainers also acclimatize you to the informal and business culture and the famous literary work.

Greek Language Translation Service in Bangalore

Translation ensures that all documents are transparent among all the parties and that all the content is understood and agreed by them. Translating from any world language to Greek or otherwise can be done by the IULE interpretation team.

There are many online Greek translators available but the quality of a professional translator is incomparable to a machine especially since Greek is an inflected language where the same word can hold different meanings. Our Greek translators are particularly careful with Greek language inflections. The authenticity of the text to be translated from or to Greek is fully ensured by our native Greek language experts. You can rely on us for maintaining the privacy or secrecy of the document, unlike online translation systems. The translation project is assigned to the translator basis the language proficiency and industry knowledge.

Greek Language Interpretation Service in Bangalore

We provide native Greek speakers with knowledge and exposure in varied fields. They are trained multilingual or bilingual professionals who understand and deliver the conversation in depth with the exact context. Being affluent orators that they are, the Greek Interpreters strike the right chord during the conversation achieving the motto. The Greek interpreters at IULE are certified, have ample subject matter knowledge and have large experience in handling all types of interpretation be it simultaneous or consecutive.

A few words about the great Greek Language

Greek is the official language of the Hellenic Republic and the Republic of Cyprus. It is also spoken in its neighboring countries such as Albania, Turkey, and Bulgaria and in countries having Greek or Cypriot communities. The Greek language dialect used most commonly is termed as “koine”.
The English dictionary is estimated to contain at least 30% words of Greek origin. This similarity with English makes it easy for one to learn Greek. The language has inspired several other languages across the globe. However, with the new technologies evolving, the language has inherited English or Hellenized words. The Greek language clearly differentiates between a formal and an informal dialect. People are generally addressed as Mr or Mrs followed by their first names.

Greek scripts are classified as Linear A and Linear B used by Minoans and Mycenaean during 2nd millennium BC. It is considered to be the oldest surviving record of Greek dialect or literature. The most famous of Greek literature was the play by Aeschylus that invited audience from near and far. Since it involved a lot of learning, the government at times arranged for the tickets to educate their people. Greek literature is rich, ranging from Homer’s epic poems: Iliad and Odyssey passed down orally to the Age of Pericles promoting theatre art; to the works of Sophocles, Aristophanes and Euripides.

Greek helps to understand Latin, the base of most of the European languages. Knowing Greek, you will be able to understand the formation of a lot of English words. The language has preserved the oldest of literature including the New Testament. It is often said that reading Bible in Greek actually takes one to a different level. Greek is not a dead language and continues to influence the creation of new words. The Greek language gives you a clearer insight in concepts of philosophy. A great tourist destination, Greece attracts people to experience serenity and scenic beauty along with total fun and good food.

Most of the educational terms have Greek influence: Medicine, Biology, Architecture, and Philosophy to quote a few. Greek has employment opportunities in business, finance, education, and technology. At IULE, we not only teach you the language but also accustom you to the culture and literature of the Greek language. It is a must language to learn if you wish to enjoy the flair of Classical.

For businesses interested in investing in Greece, we provide professional Greek translation and Greek interpretation services of the highest quality at the most competitive rates. Modern or Ancient Greek translation and interpretation, the team delivers excellence efficiently. We also cater to your staffing needs for Greek-speaking professionals. We have candidates that can easily fit into your hiring criterion and adjust well with the other ethnicities and culture.

IULE looks forward to serving you for all your Greek language requirements.

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