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Japan – the “Land of the Rising Sun” is a powerful nation being the third biggest economy in the world. It’s technical and manufacturing companies that are much advanced than the other countries and a major contributor to its economy. Japan is ranked 8th among the 43 Asia-Pacific countries. It stands fourth by purchasing power parity and in export/import. Japan has continued to amuse travelers, attract foreign investors and drawn expat professionals. Learning Japanese is undoubtedly necessary to stay in Japan. Japanese people prefer to execute business transactions in the Japanese language. All documents and talks are appreciated in Japanese. Japanese are particular about their traditions, business ethics, and principles and expect the counterparts to appreciate their culture.

Japanese Language Training in Bangalore

Japanese companies have established their presence globally increasing the demand for employees who can speak or communicate in Japanese. We at IULE have courses designed for learners wishing to learn Japanese for professional, social or personal reasons. We also develop customized curricula of language course on a range of topics for individuals and groups to meet your exact Japanese learning needs.

Japanese Language Translation Service in Bangalore

Japanese translation work is a need for global organizations working with Japan. Many online translators are available but there may be a need for using complex concepts and terminologies where a qualified language expert with experience in diverse professional sectors can do a quality job. may be required. Our Japanese translators deliver accurate translation from your original document in any world language to Japanese or vice versa. Our Japanese translators understand the importance of punctuality and quality standards, especially when working with Japan and ensure the same is maintained as per the expectations.

Japanese Language Interpretation Service in Bangalore

Japan is a known power with its business presence across the world. A live communication in any part of the world with people speaking the diverse language is possible with the help of interpreters. Japanese Interpreters at IULE are well equipped with the Japanese language and with the jargons specific to certain industries and business, making the conversation error proof and successful. Japan’s business culture is very formal and specific. Our Japanese interpreters have clear insights into the business customs and converse accordingly to turn the communication favorable.

Staffing Solutions for Japanese Speaking Professionals

Japan is a highly developed country and has attracted professionals, investors, corporate and businesses from across the world. To operate smoothly with Japanese counterparts and mark your position in the Japanese market, it is imperative to have Japanese speaking staff. IULE meets your requirements for Japanese speaking professionals finding the best fit for your organization. Qualifications and skill sets required for the profile is clearly understood and the right match is found that meet your expectations. The candidates are good team players and adjust well in diverse groups.

A few words about the great Japanese Language

The Japanese language is derived from the Altaic language family that includes Turkish, Mongolian etc.. Japanese also has similarities to Austronesia languages. It is an East Asian language with about 125 million speakers. Modern day Japanese dialect has its essence from “Kansai”. The vocabulary is relatively simple. It is quite influenced by the Chinese characters while the numerical characters are picked from Arabic and Chinese numeral systems. Japanese dialects are quite varied due to several reasons. The main classification in the Japanese language is the Tokyo or Osaka dialects.

Japanese are rich in heritage and very particular to the style of language and gesture used towards the person one is communicating with. There are different levels of speech depending on the age, stature, and relationship one share with the person one is addressing the communication. The Japanese language has a defined grammatical rule for speaking formally and politely.

Chinese literature has a profound influence on Japanese literature while it also consists of literary works from India and the West. Japanese literature may be as old as 8th century with the then finest literature like “Kojiki” and “Man’yoshu’”. There are some very impressing works such as Hojoki, Tale of Heike, Renga. Some of the most prominent Japanese authors include Shimazaki, Nagai, Abe, Murakami, Kobayashi, Kirishima to name a few. Manga comics are enjoyed by people across the globe. The Japanese film industry is one of the oldest and largest and its films are quite popular with the US and Britain population.

Today, there is a huge spread of Japanese culture and language throughout the world inviting many people to learn Japanese and make their marks. Knowing the language manifolds your love for the Japanese culture and heritage. Japanese food and drinks are bizarre and enjoyed worldwide. The adoption of pop culture has created huge business prospects in Japan. Japan is a huge manufacturer and has always impressed the world with its technology trends and quality measures. What better reason to learn Japanese. It makes easier for one to seek a job or start a new business. It is the gateway to other Asian languages opening doors to explore the Asian continent for business, work or travel.

Japanese is not an easy language and may take a long time to get fluent in the language. IULE faculty has all the patience and expertise to train you through till you can communicate perfectly. Japanese people acknowledge and appreciate your efforts at learning Japanese. For your smooth business interactions and transactions with your Japanese counterparts, IULE brings to you professional and quality Japanese translation and Japanese interaction services. Our staffing services bridge the gap of your demand for Japanese speaking professionals. Just like the Japanese, we ensure all our services pass the quality standards and are delivered on time at competitive costs.

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