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Norway is among the United Nations founding members. Norway island that decides the Nobel Peace Prize winners. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded from Oslo, Norway. It ranks on top of the World Happiness Report and lowest on the crime report. What better reason to visit or settle in Norway. Norway ranks fourth basis the per capita income. It is one of the largest producers of oil and natural gas. Norway has an abundant business and work opportunities. Though Norway is not very open to foreign settlers crowding their country, it highly acknowledges foreigners with advanced skills. For skilled and talented employees, there are ample and good business and work opportunities.

Norwegian Language Training in Bangalore

Nordic countries are building their business relations with Asian countries and this has created job opportunities for bilingual candidates with an obligation of learning the Norwegian language for those who wish to settle there. We provide to you novice or competence Norwegian learning courses depending on your needs. Our courses help you to learn the basics of the Norwegian language and increase the difficulty levels as you proceed. Our native Norwegian language trainers also give you an insight into the culture and lifestyle of the Nordic countries and prepare you well for the work culture in Norway. It is compulsory to learn Norwegian if you are seriously seeking a job in Norway. Also, most of the vacant job postings are listed in Norwegian.

Norwegian Language Translation Service in Bangalore

Translation of various written documents is delivered by our experts from or to 20 world languages into Norwegian. Our Norwegian translators are well aware of the culture and political situation of the different countries and they deliver the translation which is not only accurate and clear but in alignment to the government mandates and orders. Our team consists of experts specialized in the translation of Nordic languages.

Staffing Solutions for Norwegian speaking professionals

Norwegian is home to many MNCs and has open doors for highly skilled professionals but it prefers employees who can speak Norwegian. Our staffing team finds you the right Norwegian speaking candidates also helping the professionals seeking jobs in Norway. The candidates are screened as per the client’s specific qualifications, skills, and competencies. Also, the candidates get a break in their dream career, a win-win situation for both.

Norwegian Language Interpretation Service in Bangalore

Interpreters allow us to understand and converse with our important clients from the diverse culture in a very subtle and easy way. Our Norwegian interpreters are multilingual and have thorough attentiveness to the matter of discussion to make your conversation a success. They have clear insights of the customs and business culture and utilize them to the best for striking a great conversation and building long team relations with the Nordic counterparts.

A few words about the great Norwegian Language

Norwegian is a North Germanic language and is the official language of Norway. It is spoken by about 5 million people primarily in Norway. The North Germanic languages include the Scandinavian, Faroese and Icelandic languages. The Norwegian language has two official written forms –“ Bakmal ” and “Nynorsk”. The Norwegian Language Council is responsible for regulating the two forms. However, there are also two other forms – Riksmal (similar to the Danish language) and Hognorsk (pure Nynorsk). Danish was the standard language of Norway between the 16th to 19th centuries. Norwegian is the official language of the Nordic Council. It descends from the Old Norse language which was the most widespread trading language during the Viking era. It was only a century ago that the modern Norwegian script came into existence with Christianity bringing in the Latin script with it.

Norwegian literature flourished as Old Norse but had a bottom drop during the 16th century. The works of Absolon Beyer marked the realm of humanism. Wergeland and Welhaven brought in the reformation from national to cosmopolitan. Plays of Ibsen and Bjornson brought home international recognition to Norwegian literature. Ibsen is called the Father of modern drama and his plays are performed even today. Three Norwegian authors were awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Modern famous authors are Stugen, Jensen, Vik, Petterson etc. Most of the Scandinavian population speak English and hence learning the Scandinavian languages may seem pointless to some.

The below facts may clear your doubts about spending your time and effort on learning Norwegian.

  • Learning Norwegian acquaints you with both Swedish and Danish as Swedish is the same in pronunciation and Danish has the same writing script. The three languages put together calculate up to being spoken by 20 million people.
  • It has a pool of great literature most of which is not translated. Hence, knowing the language is a must requirement to enjoy Norwegian literature.
  • It is an easy language to pick up and knowing one gives you the advantage of knowing two more languages. Strengthening your vocabulary and making it perfectly fluent is our responsibility. Join IULE and experience the delight of Scandinavian languages.
  • The working language is Norwegian and only someone speaking or leaking Norwegian will be hired.

IULE provides best-in-class Norwegian language services. Norwegian training courses help you to proceed with your interest in Norway be it studies, investment or job. The Norwegian translators and Norwegian interpreters help to smoothly run your business by communicating accurately as per the Norwegian guidelines. Clients get a competent and dedicated Norwegian speaking staff while candidates get into good jobs utilizing their technical and language skills. It would be our pleasure to serve you for any Norwegian language service requirements.

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