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At IULE, we proudly stand as the premier Turkish language institute in Bangalore. Our unwavering dedication lies in providing a diverse array of tailored Turkish language services to perfectly align with your specific requirements.

Turkey is a transcontinental country where Europe and Asia meet. It has always enjoyed geopolitical importance because of its strategic location. Turkey’s relationship with the EU has always been significant. Turkey ranks 13th in the world by its purchasing power parity and 17th in terms of nominal GDP. Exports, automotive industry, electronics, construction, and machine industry are a few prominent contributors to the Turkish economy.

Istanbul, the country’s commercial hub, is also termed the ‘leading global city.’ It is cosmopolitan and warmly welcomes expats and foreign investors. Turkey’s beautiful landscapes, history, and fun hideaways have attracted tourists, students, and others from all over the world.

English is not predominantly spoken in Turkey. Hence, if you wish to travel, settle, work, or even have financial interests in Turkey, it is recommended to learn the language of the Turks. Conducting business in their language gives you a sheer advantage, building a strong connection with partners and customers.

Turkish Language Training in Bangalore

Comprehensive Training Program

IULE provides comprehensive training in Turkish with textbook studies and interactive sessions, building confidence in learners to communicate with their Turkish peers, colleagues, or business partners. We focus on teaching you the fundamentals of the language and move up to speaking, reading, and writing.

Benefits of Learning Turkish

Learning Turkish is very favorable for students pursuing their careers in archaeology, anthropology, and history. We prepare you to converse fluently in Turkish and build your vocabulary, also acquainting you with Turkish customs and traditions.

Turkish Language Translation Service in Bangalore

Importance of Accurate Translation

Translation is imperative in today’s global scenario. It is very important for a translator to be aware of the regional differences, government, and political environment of the country while translating documents. Our Turkish translators translate all types of documents and are sensitive to these differences.

Professional Translation Team

We have native Turkish speakers to translate the content with prime accuracy, maintaining total privacy of the data. The project is assigned based on their subject matter knowledge and language proficiency.

Turkish Language Interpretation Service in Bangalore

Expert Interpreters

Interpreters have the ability and experience to ensure effective information exchange between people speaking different languages. We at IULE have expert Turkish interpreters delivering complex and clear conversation during an informal meeting or a business meeting.

Quality and Confidentiality

We assure you of the quality and the industry-specific knowledge of our interpreters, which reflects in the confident conversation they make with your Turkish partners. Their deep insight into the language and culture gives an edge in the overall discussion.

A Few Words About the Great Turkish Language

The Turkish language is the official language of Turkey and is spoken in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. It is spoken by about 80 million people and by small groups of ethnic Turks in Iraq, Greece, Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Bulgaria, and eastern parts of Europe, Germany, Netherlands, and France. It belongs to the Ural Altay linguistic family. Turkish is actually the second most widely spoken language in Germany.

Historical and Cultural Influence

Turkish language and literature are influenced by languages from neighboring countries and Europe. Ottoman Turkish has great influxes from Persian, Arabic, and French words. Turkish is the language of 1000 titles. Addressing people by their first names is considered impolite.

Turkish Script

The Turkish script is phonetic with modified Latin alphabets. The earliest Turkish writings are the two Orkhon monumental inscriptions or Turkic runes written in Orkhon scripts to honor Prince Kul Tigin and Bilge Khan. Turkish literature evolved with the founding of Seljuk and Ottoman empires along two lines: Divan and Classical literature.

Economic Opportunities

Turkey’s economy has been newly industrialized and is rapidly growing, creating fresh opportunities for people across the globe. Very few learn Turkish as a foreign language, hence knowing the language would definitely give one a competitive advantage.

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We provide you with expert Turkish teachers and build opportunities to practice speaking Turkish. The trainers pay the utmost attention to each student. Our Turkish learning courses offer fun and interactive learning. Attracting students, investors, and job seekers from around the world, globalization allows trading in different countries, but it is imperative to conduct business as per their laws and policies.

Also, it is necessary to communicate in Turkish to reach Turkish customers and build relationships with your Turkish business partners. This is easily accomplished by our Turkish translators and Turkish interpreters. Contact us for Turkish training, translation, or interpretation needs. We will be at your assistance as long as you need us.

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